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the brand

Modens is a socially conscious Vietnamese-American fashion brand. We launched in the Winter of 2022 and are an online-only international brand.

Our brand features simple yet versatile styles. We marry contemporary Western styles with traditional Vietnamese patchwork motifs in our clothing. Our high-quality, minimalistic clothes are not trendy pieces that will go out of style—our pieces are made to last through any season and year.


Our production and fabrics are all natural and locally sourced in Vietnam.

our mission


To create Vietnamese-inspired contemporary fashion by blending traditional Vietnamese fabrics and designs with a modern, minimalistic style. 

our vision

To bring diversity to the fashion industry and promote cultural intersection in the world.

our values

supporting local businesses:

Modens pieces are 100% produced in Vietnam, dedicating everything to Vietnamese ecosystems. We exclusively use Vietnamese-made fabrics and work with Vietnamese-owned consulting and supply firms.


Traditional Vietnamese clothing is sustainable, and all Modens materials are created from natural fibers. This means:

  1. A longer fabric lifespan, increasing the overall durability of the clothing

  2. Less water output and chemicals during production

  3. More biodegradable than synthetic materials–when dumped in a landfill, the harm to the environment and the soil is decreased


the meaning


The name Modens is a spin-off of the Vietnamese slang term "mô đen," which roughly translates to "trendy" or "fashionable." It is also a play on the English word "modern."


The dragonfly in our logo is a common Vietnamese symbol of transformation. In Vietnamese culture, if dragonflies fly high, the weather is bound to be sunny and bright. In some western cultures, a dragonfly represents growth, new development, and adaptability. In our logo, the sun's beams behind the dragonfly mean clear skies as we fly. This represents Modens' goal of change and growth.


the story

In Spring 2020, her Junior year at Babson College, Thy Nguyen had a vision: to promote cultural exchange by fusing Vietnamese and American fashion. She desired to see traditional Vietnamese silk, patchwork designs, and earthy colors come to life in American minimalistic designs.


Thy is a first-generation Vietnamese-American who grew up between two cultures. She learned that viewing identity in a black-and-white, culturally separated way no longer worked in an increasingly globalized world. She wrote her first book on the topic, called Origins: An Immigrant's Journey in America (Vietnamese title: Nguồn Cội: Chuyện về những người hai quê hương). 


Her passion for cultural sharing continued onwards and led her to found Modens to pay homage to two sides of her identity: tradition and modernity. 

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